How Much To Save - A Rough Guide

If you haven’t yet started to save for your retirement, the following can be used as a basic guideline.

Based on some typical assumptions, including:

  • You plan for 80% replacement of pre-retirement pre-tax income, adjusted for inflation and with a high likelihood of being sustained for up to 30 years (retirement at age 65)
  • State pension or other income will provide 25% of your retirement income needs each year


Starting early is important, because once you start, the same savings goal applies until you retire. For example, if you start saving roughly 12% of your income in your mid-20s and have the discipline to maintain your savings plan, you shouldn’t have to increase that percentage as you go through your 30s, 40s and so on.

The above table is of course just a general guideline. Your financial advisor will work with you to create your personalised savings plan aimed at meeting your individual financial objectives.

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