Roy Walker named winner Best Financial Planner (Financial Advisory Open Category) at the 2018 FPAS (Financial Planning Association of Singapore) awards.

Winner-opt It was my great privilege to be a finalist of the Financial Planning Awards run by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) this year.

And a surprise and an honour to be awarded Winner of the Financial Advisory Open Category.

The FPAS was established 20 years ago, with the aim of developing and promoting the financial planning industry in providing independent unbiased financial advice. 

The FPAS award aims to recognise financial planners in Singapore who excel in their professional knowledge, demonstrate financial planning skills at the highest level and uphold best practices. 

The competition assesses the financial planning acumen of practitioners from three major industry sectors in Singapore namely the Banking sector, the Insurance sector and the Financial Advisory (FA) sector. The award also aims to develop and maintain high ethical standards and increase high quality financial advice within the industry sectors.

The highly esteemed panel of judges represents the pinnacle of the financial planning and advisory industry in Singapore.

FPAS Awards Dinner
Panel of Judges

FPAS Awards

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